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LOUIS TOMLINSON, Demetria Lovato & Zayn Malik
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Demetria Lovato
oh na na what's my name
oh come on! Srsly? I’m actually pretty sure that it wouldn't be necessary to spell it out cause I made myself a name all over the world but since it's an opportunity to make something clear let's do this. I am known as demi but i prefer to be called Demetria why? Because that's my birth name, duh? my parents gave it to me cause of a reason. Actually it's Demetria Devonne Lovato but I’m good with my first name. why i love my name? well first of all the meaning behind my first name comes from earth goddess which i find pretty fucking cool. then we have my middle name which means divine and last but not least my last name lovato that means wolf which is one of my favorite animals. pretty accurate hu? yeah that's what i thought. Of course over time I also got some other nicknames than just demi. a real special guy to me, started calling me dems and most of my friends started using it as well and since my special friend is always extra he made a new one only he would user and that's demsy but unfortunately i haven't heard that for ages. I’m really kind of glad that no one else expect for him uses it cause it's really special to me just like he is even it's kinda complicated right now.
age's just a number
twenty three years
with my 23 years i've already, been through so much s*hit, many people twice my age haven't. in my young age i have experienced so much already, ya'll really can't imagine. even tho i already told a lot, you don't know everything yet and i'm not sure if i'll ever tell all of it but what i can say is, it was some real dark and intense shit. some things i haven't had control over and some i'm not really proud of but i never ever wish somebody else to go through something like that. i admit that there were times i thought i wouldn't reach miority. i would never reach my twenty-one birthday but here i am! this year on the 20th of august i'm gonna celebrate my twenty fifth b-day! even tho for me, my second birthday is the one i love to celebrate more. the day i decided i wanted to live and got the help i needed to leave that toxic life behind me, is the day i really started to live. i am the living example that how dark it may seems, there's always light and it's totally okay to ask for help. i would never tell you it's an easy thing to do, cause you have to fight everyday for the rest of your life but i can tell you it will be worth it. i grew so much in all those years but i never felt so strong and powerful than i do today and no one will bring me down anymore.
born and raised then moved to
multitalented entrepreneur
dear lord actually it's impossible to describe everything i do in one word. it's not so easy to say, cause i do so many things but to say i'm a multi-talent or an all-rounder dosen't feel right, you know what i mean? on my social media accounts i once tried to sum everything i do up and the word: singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist came out and that's still not half of it but i think it kinda suites me. but i can say is that my heart belongs to the music. dosen't matter if i sing or play an instrument or simply write, everything that's conected with it, is where my heart belongs to. i would say that acting is kinda a passion i love to do when i feel like it but i would never say, it will be my priority. yeah funny thing is i started my career acting not singing but ohhhhkay then. i can see msyelf staring in a movie or a tv show when the script is right for me. until then, i'll stick with composing and recording my upcoming record. gladly i can always confide in my best friend and also business partner nick jonas to always be there, when i have troubles finding my sound or everything else. yeah you got that right, we're business partners. We own our own record label with our manager Phil McIntyre called safehouse records. besides those things i'm also still working on my fabletics sports clothing line and ambassador for a lot or organisations. see? way to many things
business requirements
from dallas, texas to l.a
a lot of people get the answer wrong when they’re asked where I was born. To me that’s always an indicator who’s really a dedicated fan and who’s not. it’s always funny to me, how my lovatics love to correct reporters, when they get that wrong. so I was born in in albuquerque, new mexico but grew up in dallas, texas. to me this place is my home. I love to go back there and just have some time off. My best friend Marissa is still living there so I try to frequently visit her there. yeah you can say that it’s my safe haven cause I get away from the busy live in los angeles. For me the city of angels always means work. Constantly work. I mean we moved there to improve my career, which shows, it’s work everyday, all day. Nowadays I made myself a home where I love to get home. I live with two of my best friends together and we really have a blast! It’s nice to come home knowing that there’S somebody waiting for you. Of course there somedays where non of us is there, cause of our crazy scheduels but sometimes we’re all there there and just love to spend our time together. My family lives close by and once a week I try to see them. There was a time, I also made my dream come true and got a penthouse suite in New Yorkwith the an Empire State Building view. I share or better said shared that place with the love of my life which is a whole other story.
relationship status
tell me you love me
if happy is her i'm happy for you
honestly i’m so proud of my heart and most of the time really surprised how after it has been played, stabbed, cheated on, burned and broken somehow it still works. honestly i’m so proud of my heart and most of the time really surprised how after it has been played, stabbed, cheated on, burned and broken somehow it still works. after my first love, who also was my best friend, left me when I needed him the most I thought I would never ever be able to love somebody else. I mean I was still young at that time but I always been very mature for my age so to me this relationship meant everything to me and at some point it was my breaking point. After that I gave my heart a break for quite a while until I fell for that charming latin actor wilmer. He helped me through a lot of sh*t and I can never ever thank him enough for everything he did to me but mostly to simply love me for who I am. But like I said I fell for him but honestly I was never in love with him how he deserved to be loved. To me there’S a difference, a huge difference, between being in love and to love somebody. all those heartbreaks were necessary so that I could find the right one and I did. well timing is a bitch cause at that point I was still in a relationship but I knew that I found the one so I did everything to be with him. So yeah I was in love with Dylan O’Brien and even tho we kept it a secret, there hasn’t been a day I didn’t love him even more. He made me feel loved every single second of the day and never failed to make me laugh. We had some really hard times after his accident but I knew we would get through this together. The thing with love is that’s fragile and one day you can be the happiest woman a life, picturing your future with the man of your dreams, marrying him and starting a family with him and then? It all crashes down and you’re left with nothing but your broken heart but this time? My heart is done and doesn’t really speaks to me anymore guess it was all to much and who can blame it? but probably it's silent cause i take way to much xanax. so my fiance is expecting his first child with his ex girlfriend. yeah he cheated on me with her. the child i wanted to give him but seems like nothing will turn out the way we planned it. and what i hate the most? i'm still in love with him. but the good thing is you always have friends by your side and i'm really greateful for them.
the dirty little secret nobody knows
sex with me so amazing
And a few other things I cannot mention
actually i believe that there’s nearly nothing in my life that’s still a secret. had a really rough time i’ve been doing drugs since i was a child, while developing an eating disorder cause of the mobbing in school and suffering from mental illness and of course my cutting to kinda feel i’m still alive. so there’s that but well let’s say that i’m not perfect. no human being is and i still do have the thirst to feel an amount of pain from time to time to not say daily. of course i don’t cut myself anymore but to achieve this state i realized that i can get to that point by having really hard sex. not that it’s somebody’s business but this is most likely one thing nobody knows cause i would never necessarily tell.
my specialty is being real fucked up.
Auf Anfrage beim Managment haben wir erfahren, dass Demetria Lovato aktuell für Interviews nicht zur Verfügung steht! Es kann deshalb dauern bis wir wieder etwas von ihr hören. Weitere Informationen gibt es angeblich auf deren Website [hier]
A STAR SINCE: 14.08.2010

"Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday dear Heroes! Happy birthday to us!

Yeeeeeey!! Sechs Jahre! Wow! So lange strahlen unsere Hollywood Sterne schon und ein Ende ist nicht in Sicht! Immerhin haben wir noch einige Skandale aufzudecken und es gibt immer wieder neue junge Starlets, die die Leiter des Ruhmes erklimmen. Heute vor sechs Jahren genau haben wir mit euch allen die Reise nach Hollywood angetreten. Damals haben wir dieses Board eröffnet, um Usern und deren Charakteren ein Zuhause zu schenken. Das ist bis heute so. Auch in Zeiten, in denen es mal ruhiger im Board ist, halten wir daran fest.

Diesen besonderen Anlass möchten wir vor allem nach den letzten zwei Jahren für eines nutzen - und zwar Danke sagen! Ja, das hört man häufiger. Wir möchten uns aber wirklich von ganzem Herzen bedanken. Für eure Treue und euer grenzenloses Vertrauen in uns. Wie auch eure Geduld. All das wissen wir wirklich unsagbar zu schätzen. Wir wissen auch, dass seit dem Beginn der Pandemie es um einiges ruhiger geworden ist. Das liegt nicht zuletzt daran, dass wir als Team in ein paar Punkten nachlässiger gewesen sind. Für uns alle, den einen mehr, den anderen weniger war es eine schwere Zeit. Das hat sich bei uns auch an den Abwesenheiten gezeigt. Obwohl wir uns stets bemüht haben, User und Gästeanliegen schnellstmöglich zu bearbeiten, sind andere Dinge doch etwas auf ein Nebengleis verschoben worden. Darunter z.B die Annahme neuer Partner. Am auffälligsten wahrscheinlich war unser letzter Geburtstag. Genau zwischen der 4 und der 6 ist eigentlich die 5. Dieser Geburtstag ist komplett untergegangen. Nicht weil wir es vergessen hatten, sondern wir, wie wahrscheinlich so einige von euch ebenfalls Probleme damit hatten, sich durch das irgendwie immer noch in der Pandemie stecken, aber doch auch wieder Normalität zu navigieren. Plötzlich war die Arbeitswelt/Privatleben wieder da und alles war unstrukturiert. Dadurch haben wir es nicht geschafft, die Zeit zu finden, uns an die Geburtstagsvorbereitungen/Ideen zusetzen.

Eines, was unsere User und nun auch Gäste, Partner und Co wissen, ist, das wir immer absolut honest sind. Ich habe in den letzten zwei Jahren bereits an vier Designs gesessen. Veränderungen geplant und umgesetzt. Zum Ende zu bringen war allerdings eine andere Sache. Auch dieses Jahr habe ich gehofft, zu dem Stichtag fertig zu werden, doch wie das Leben so spielt, hat es offensichtlich nicht geklappt.Mir (Marta) persönlich macht Long Covid zu schaffen. Ich habe keinerlei Energie. Bin ständig erschöpft. Alles fällt mir unsagbar schwer und deshalb weiß ich, das es eben einfach etwas länger dauert. Und hier kommen wir wieder zu dem Dankbarkeitspunkt. Ich weiß das ihr, unsere kleinen Helden mir deshalb nicht böse seit. Ihr seid nach den zwei Jahren noch immer bei uns und das ist wirklich alles, was man sich als Teammitglied nur wünschen kann. Gerade in der schnelllebigen Zeit des Internets ist das nicht selbstverständlich und dafür danken wir euch. Danke, dass wir für euch der Safe Haven sein dürfen, denn wir immer geplant haben sein zu wollen.

Damit wir aber nicht ganz ohne leere Hände da stehen. Haben wir uns gedacht, da unser letztes Geschenk doch sehr gut angekommen ist, machen wir das doch einfach noch einmal! Hiermit habt ihr alle wieder einen frischen neuen Free-Pass für die Blacklist.
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Wir freuen uns ein weiteres/ unser siebtes Boardlebensjahr mit euch zu bestreiten und sind gespannt auf all die neuen Geschichten, die wir zu lesen haben werden und möglichst schnell uns euch und auch unseren Partnern und Gästen auch mit all unseren Änderungen zeigen zu können.

Vielen Lieben Dank
Euer Hoot Team
- Marta

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