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Kaya Scodelariofake it till you make it

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kaya rose scodelario
I knew your face once,but now it's unclear
when i was born my last name was HUMPHREY. no not that little HUMPHREY from gossip girl even tho you could expect we would be twinz. no, that name was from my father. ever since my parents got divorced i changed the name and took the one from my mom. it's from brazil where my mom is from and i'm really proud to wear it and that a lot of people in the world know me by that name.

twenty four years struggling
I separate from here and now
yeah in my country i'm already of legal age for quite a while now which is why it really sucks sometimes when i had to work in america cause there i didn't count as an adult. thank god that that time is over quite a long time now. actually i'm an adult for a real fu**ing long time now. had to be but that's a diffrent story. i was born on the 13. of march 1992 and have already been through some real rough times ever since then.

prud citizen of london
So I can feel alive again
in HOLLOWAY, LONDON, UK my mother gave birth to me but i grew up in HAYWARDS HEATH. the moment my parents got divorced we had to move a lot cause my mom had to change a lot of jobs so she could raise enough money and to take care of me. it never bothered me cause i knew she was doing this for me. i know how many sacrifices she made for me and for that i really look up to her. she'S such a brave person. sometimes we lived for quite a while in london where we finally stayed so i could startd my acting career. ever since i got famous i lived in a few diffrent places all over the world and i kinda enjoyed it but to me that's my home. currently i live in new york.

fake it till you make it # actress
A lost connection,oh come back to me
a lot of people on this world will tell you, you can't do this. that you're not good enough or other stuff to bring you down. never ever listen to those people! most people will recognize me as effie stonem from the uk series 'skins', the original one not that copied shit from the us, and know that i'm an actress but they would never imagine in their wildest dreams that i'm dyslexics! yeah you heard right. what that is? i've major problem to read and to write and yeah that's actually very important to be an actress i got a lot of roles ever since and right now i'm playing oppiste of hottie dylan o'brien in the maze runner trilogy. see? you really can be anything you want in life you just have to go for it.

married but not happy
It's pulling me apart this time
that's the part of my life i don't really want to talk about. to the world it looks like i'm living the happiest live and i really try to pretend that it's real because nobody can know the truth. i had a few rough patches in my life already but i made it out of that mess. it was never easy but i did it. but when my dad passed away it hit me so hard that i completly broke. everybody thinks i'm fine cause that'S what i pretend to be so they don't worry. actually i'm not fine at all but since my mum realized how short life was and that my dad would never see me marry and meet my grandchildren she kind of pressured me to all that. so to make her happy i married Benjamin Walker. I hoped i would've satisfied my mum with that step but sine we got married Ben tries to rush me to get pregnant but actually i don't know if i ever wanted kids. a few weeks ago now my worst nightmare became real. i'm pregnant. so i fake everday to live a good life when i'm not and i think Ben somehow knows i'm not really loving him and i don'T want that child.

am i a bad human for doing this?
Everything is never ending
some people maybe won't understand it. some people will hate me and call me i'm a murderer but i can't do this. this is not what i wanted for my life and don't i have a say too? i've already a date for the abortion of that thing inside of me. maybe knowbody wil understand it but i can't have a baby from a person i don't love it's something i can't, i'm so sorry but i simply can't
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